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July 3, 2014

Welcome to the Fulbright Academy

"Science has radically changed the conditions of human life on earth. It has expanded our knowledge and our power, but not our capacity to use them with wisdom."
Senator J. William Fulbright, Old Myths and New Realities (1964)

The Fulbright Academy is an independent organization established by the global community of Fulbright scholars. The Academy creates opportunities for collaboration among alumni and their institutions, and its programs are a catalyst for progress in many fields.

As alumni of the prestigious Fulbright Exchange Program, we are committed to improving the state of the world by leveraging the unique knowledge, abilities and connections of the Fulbrighters.  We are an organization that promotes practical solutions to problems facing humanity today, and we draw on expertise of members in natural and life sciences, social sciences, engineering, health professions, law & policy and business, as well as fields where science and technology are critical to advances.

More than a social networking organization; the Fulbright Academy energizes communities of Fulbright alumni and enables the exploration of the issues, trends and technologies. We empower the alumni, individually or collectively, to tackle problems in their sector, their community or their country, and we actively promote the ideas and work of Fulbright Scholars so that others can benefit from our expertise.  

The Fulbright Academy has individual and institutional members worldwide. We are not affiliated with the 50 Fulbright Commissions or the Fulbright Exchange Program.  Our focus is a network of 100,000+ Fulbright scholars in science, technology and business fields to enhance innovation and advance education, research and policy. We also provide customized services to our institutional members, such as offering meeting management, a speakers bureau, and educational or research opportunities.  

The Fulbright Academy’s work is funded by institutional and individual memberships, conference registrations, and donations from a small number of highly-successful alumni. Please join us as a member or make a donation to support our mission.   


The Fulbright Academy was started by alumni of the prestigious Fulbright Exchange Program, an international program that each year invests in the talents and aspirations of over 6,500 students, researchers, professionals, teachers and scholars from around the world. By traveling overseas to study, teach or conduct research, these select individuals are challenged to use the power of learning not just for themselves, but also for the larger purpose of understanding others and building connections among people.

We receive support from institutional members and individual donors worldwide. Since 2005, we have raised over $1.5 million to support our programs. Filmed in Panama at our Annual Conference in 2007, this video provides an overview of our mission and vision. Other conferences and programs have been supported by the US National Science Foundation, the US Department of Justice, UNESCO, government ministries in Morocco and Singapore, the Qatar Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Accenture, Elsevier, Vestas, and other businesses and organizations. 

Please sign up for our free newsletter and join as a membership. The newsletter and membership is not limited to Fulbright scholars; it is open to any individual or entity that is interested in the international dimensions of social science, natural and life sciences, engineering, technology innovation, and economic development.

Please join the Fulbright Academy today.

Academy News

An Open Letter to Academy Membership from the Chair - August 2013

Fulbright Academy to send delegation to the 6th World Science Forum

Fulbright Association and Academy Join Forces

Fulbright Academy Appoints Two New Directors

Fulbright Academy Delegation to the World Science Forum

The Fulbright Academy will send a delegation of 30 Fulbright Alumni to participate in the World Science Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 24-27, 2013. Participation is by invitation only. Interested applications should email [email protected] for more information.

Summit on Global Health (May 24-27, 2013, Jamaica)

Thank You Fulbright Celebrations (April 9, 2013, Worldwide)

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Selected Partners & Sponsors
  • US National Science Foundation
  • US Dept of Education/Chicago State Univ.
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Monsanto
  • Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education
  • Pamana Secretariat for Sci, Tech & Inno.
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce
  • Singapore Agency for Sci, Tech & Research
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